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Daily Message ~ Friday April 29, 2022

You all have a natural speed or pace for your growth that is ideal for you. You may have times of greater movement or experience lulls, but you all have your own natural flow that you settle back into as your norm and it is perfect for you.

Some in the spiritual community will tell you the key is to move very quickly right now while others might say that the key to advancement is to go slow. But we wish for you to trust your own flow because you have a built in speed that is most comfortable for you and serves you well. That is why you tend to experience discomfort over fast movement or being slowed down – it is outside your preferred pacing.

So how do you know when a pace is perfect for you? It is the speed at which you can honour the desired expansion of your soul without getting overwhelmed or creating unnecessary problems for yourself. Your perfect pace allows you to gather information and to harness all the gifts of any situation without lingering in it beyond its purpose. It supports your growth, your unfoldment, and your efficiency.

Going too fast can make you miss things. Going too slow allows doubt to creep in. Honouring your own pace allows you to get the most out of any experience.

So how does your own pacing work with the overall system of flow that contains action phases and lulls? Think of driving in a car. There may be varying speed limits as you drive to your destination depending upon conditions, but you will tend to like to go a certain speed that is not too fast or too slow when left to your own devices. It is the speed that feels safe yet still allows you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. It is the same with your own personal pacing of your growth and evolution.

So trust the flow but also trust your own pacing which is customized for your evolution, as you chose that trait for a reason and it will serve you well. Your inner wise one always knows if you are going at your own optimum speed or if you are in resistance or recklessly trying to force yourself forward. The sweet spot you are looking for will be both comfortable and effective. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching a live interactive Divine Combination course over 6 weeks starting May 7.

I haven’t taught The Divine Combination live in years. This is a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into this truly transformative system with me. Staying in study with it over the 6 weeks can create the most profound and wonderful shifts for you and will give you the time to get much more comfortable with the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust.

We will be taking a close look at each of the individual elements in each call, followed by a channeled meditation that will allow you to experience the element in a way that is unique to you. Some of you have been asking if The Divine Combination series of calls will be recorded. Yes they certainly will be. And if you need to miss a live call and have a question after you listen to the recording, you can ask it at the beginning of the next call, or submit it by email for me to answer if you aren’t able to make it to the next live call.

You can take the course as a whole for a discounted price, or attend individual calls that focus on specific elements, but if you haven’t already taken the Divine Combination, I highly recommend you take it in its entirety to get the most out of the system. If you have already taken the course you might enjoy a refresher on any of the individual elements you feel you could use a little extra support with. (Having already taken the Divine Combination is not a prerequisite to attend individual calls – everyone is welcome.)

It will be held every Saturday at 12 pm EDT starting May 7 for 6 weeks. The cost to attend is $200 USD if you wish to purchase the entire series ($100 off what it normally costs to learn the Divine Combination in a live course format), or $40 USD to attend any of the calls individually. As the Divine Combination truly is the higher vibrational operating system that we use in the new energies, I thought this was the ideal time to present this topic in a way that can allow you to experience it all together, or individually if there are certain elements you could use a little extra help with. Here is the schedule:

May 7 – An overview of the Divine Combination as a whole and working with the elements of Surrender and Faith
May 14 – Flow and Gratitude
May 21 – Trust
May 28 – Acceptance and Allowing and working with the Blue Team
June 4 – Patience, Peace, and Beingness
June 11 – Purpose, Direction, and Evolution

To purchase the whole series you can click here:

The links to purchase each offering individually will be posted closer to the event. I hope you will join us, it is such a lovely, reassuring and transformational energy to work with!
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