Daily Message ~ Friday August 15, 2014

Today we would like to clarify the difference between trying (forcing) and flowing. Trying is unsupported movement. It is often frustrating and exhausting, and no matter how hard you try, you get limited gain. Flowing, on the other hand, is supported movement, and your highest creations come together with grace and ease. How can you be sure you are flowing rather than trying? Pay attention to your body. If you are trying, you will often feel tension in your body, especially in the abdominal area. When you are flowing, your energy will be moving through your body with ease. This is why the flow is such a vital tool to your success and wellness! It supports your greatest results, as well as your physical and emotional wellness. So we ask you, would you rather have a trying day or a flowing day? We encourage you to choose the path of support, grace and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel

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