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Daily Message ~ Friday August 24, 2018

The most common blockage to manifestation, by far, is thinking too small. If you are trying to create something and it is not coming together, you may wish to explore how you might be constraining it. Are you only open to it looking one specific way? To it only showing up through a certain avenue? Are you, without even realizing it, putting restrictions on your creation by attempting to micro manage it from your limited vantage point?

The energies of fear and doubt can lead you back into the old habit of control, which stalls your flow. Let us put it to you this way. If what you desire is not part of your life experience right now, you must use your faith and trust to move into the unknown where it does exist.

So if you feel stalled, we would say think bigger. Cast your net wide. Open yourself to any and all possibilities that match your intentions that you may not know exist. Be willing to be surprised and delighted. It may very well be that what you are trying to create for yourself is too small to be a match for what your soul wishes to expand into, and there is something beyond your wildest dreams trying to find its way to you. Be open enough to let it in. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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