Daily Message ~ Friday August 25, 2017

So many human beings ask us, “Tell me what I should do.” Dear Ones, when you blindly follow the advice of another, you are abdicating your power. And you are on the planet to discover, experience, and embrace your authentic power.

Being in the body is being in the realm of experience and free will, which is sacred above all else. It is through your free will that you grow and expand and serve the whole through your own unique preferences.

We encourage you to pause on the question, “What should I do?” and instead ask yourself, “What feels right for me? What do I wish to experience? What would bring me joy?” and navigate from there.

So how do we help you? How does co-creation fit into the equation? It is simple, Dear Ones. You decide and we support you in your desires. For example, you may wish to experience more fun in your life. Surrender into that intention, and then the many systems of the universe will cooperate to match that desire.

One of the greatest joys we have is watching you grow from wanting to be told what to do into embracing your right and ability to express yourself in whatever way is right for you. That is how you expand and experience growth, freedom, and mastery, and that is an absolute delight to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel

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