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Daily Message ~ Friday August 30, 2019

Many of you feel called to service but hesitate to step into it because you feel you need to be more – to learn more, to reach some new level of attainment or mastery. This thinking would be much like denying a child a hug because you feel you need to learn how to love more first. What if we told you your mastery grows and expands through service?

We love and honour you for wanting to be diligent and appropriate, but the fact that you wish to be of service automatically indicates you have something to offer others. You will have knowledge you have gained through your own experiences that will be helpful to others who are seeking guidance.

Simple service is often the most effective of all. There will always be something you have to offer, Dear Ones, because kindness and love are the universal healers, connectors, and uplifters, and you have an endless wellspring of both to share if you simply lead with your heart. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


As many of you know, I have had private one hour sessions on sale this month for $149 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I have decided to continue that service at that price point indefinitely as it seems a lot of people are requiring extra support right now and it feels like a fair energy exchange for the service at this time. Readings are done via video, include energy healing, and can be so helpful in finding clarity and new perspectives moving forward. If you would like to get Gabriel’s guidance specifically for your own life, all you have to do is email and I’ll be happy to set you up with an appointment. I look forward to connecting with you!

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