Daily Message ~ Friday August 7, 2020

Dear Ones, you are continuing to experience waves of transformation on your planet. While this can feel turbulent, on a soul level this is exactly what you wished to participate in at this time.

This can feel much like navigating a series of rapids where your main focus becomes staying in the boat. There are no maps that can accurately describe the exact conditions of your rapids since each experience is unique.

You must simply surrender to them and respond to the conditions as they come up. While this can make you feel many different emotions – fear, excitement, anticipation, anxiety – your inner wisdom knows that even though the choppy flow can feel challenging it is propelling you forward towards new vistas that can only be experienced on the other side of accelerated change.

We wish to assure you times of intensity don’t last forever and before you know it your flow will even out and you will be amazed at how far you have come. You will be cleansed and exhilarated and looking at your world with fresh eyes and before long you will have an opportunity to dock your boat on the shore of the next exciting phase of your incarnation and explore the potentials you never could have found had you stayed in the old. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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