Daily Message ~ Friday December 20, 2013

Many people have difficulty receiving. They feel that if they need help or step out of their giving role that people will reject them or that they will owe or be indebted to the other person, and somehow lose freedom to them.

Dear Ones, if you have a fear of receiving or a fear of asking for help, it comes from expecting that love is conditional. It comes from a perspective of lack, that they will want more from you than you want to give in return. When you are concerned with the idea that there isn’t enough to go around, you will be carefully keeping track of who owes who and fearful of one day being made accountable. This is a very restrictive way of living and in no way connected with the vast flow of unconditional love, support and abundance that exists in the universe.

Receiving is a loving act because it is giving someone the opportunity to express their love to you! Loving and giving feels GOOD. It is an activity of joy, expansion and service. It allows people to express themselves in their highest alignment, which supports heart-centered living.

So, if you are uncomfortable in receiving, start looking at it as a way of being unconditionally loving to yourself. See it as surrendering into the higher dimensional energies and demonstrating your faith, trust and willingness to start flowing with the loving and abundant universe you are an honoured part of. The beautiful part is, allowing others to love and give to you is an act of service to them, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel

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