Daily Message ~ Friday December 26, 2014

Dear Ones, as your thoughts become focused on the New Year, we encourage you to become expert energetic sorters. What do you wish to bring with you into the energies of a brand new year? What honours you? What supports you? What helps you grow and expand? What allows you express yourself in your truth, transparency and integrity?

What do you wish to create and experience as you move forward? What aspects exist in your life that will help that dream become a reality? What do you wish to leave behind? What may have been an energetic match at the beginning of this year may not be a match at all anymore!

You have all shifted profoundly. With your wisdom and clarity, decide what matches all of your intentions and let the rest go. If you do, you will be entering the energies of a brand new year well prepared to create, expand and grow into your greatest self expression yet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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