Daily Message ~ Friday February 22, 2013

Dear Ones, it is all just fine. You are exactly where you need to be, in this right now moment. You know this because you simply cannot make a mistake. Please hear this. You simply cannot make a mistake. ALL movement is forward movement. Even if you make what you consider to be a wrong choice, it will give you further clarity on what you want to create for yourself. You are not judged! You are on the earth to have a myriad of experiences! Even if you make a choice that doesn’t honour you, you will get so uncomfortable you will very quickly choose something different. Let us give it to you this way. Would you expect your child to sit on the couch, day after day, nice and clean and perfectly groomed, not moving lest he get dirty or make a mistake? Of course not! You want your child to have a life filled with fun, experiences and the joy of discovery! When did that change for you, Dear One? LIVE! Try things! Experiment! Get dirty! You are in the body to have the full human experience. How can you know who you really are, what brings you joy, if you do not allow yourself to experience what life has to offer? ~Archangel Gabriel



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