man looking up at milky way trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday February 23, 2018

Dear Ones, when you are open to healing it will show up for you in so many ways. There will be energetic influxes that assist you in releasing. There will be other energies available for you to integrate to shift you into new vibrational states that reflect and support your growth.

You will be led to areas on your planet that support your healing. Energetic cords to others that no longer are in resonance with you will dissipate. The universe will bring brand new solutions and potentials into your awareness that you didn’t know existed. You will even move through various stages of healing through your dream states, which is a very prevalent theme right now.

Do you see? There is an entire universe filled with love and support for you that will bring to you everything you need the second you are ready for it. Trust in the system. The only thing you really need to do is to be open and accepting, and by doing so it will unfold in the ways that are divinely perfect for you and your own unique energetics. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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