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Daily Message ~ Friday February 4, 2022

Dear Ones, you have been conditioned to have a fear of the unknown. This is a generational response from your parents or grandparents who grew up in times of lack or war. From a space of powerlessness it made sense to them to fear the unknown and to try to control everything they could in order to ensure their survival.

But as evolving, conscious human beings, you realize you create from your focus and the energy you hold. You know that fear is constraining and cannot get you where you wish to go. One of the most pivotal shifts you are going through right now is releasing the old familiar conditioning of fearing the unknown, into embracing the many gifts that come from not knowing.

When you can settle into the idea of not knowing being a blessing, you can embrace the flow with your presence, faith, and trust. Because you are proceeding without attempting to micromanage the universe or an attachment to outcome, you make room for far greater possibilities than you ever thought possible.

When you can embrace not knowing you enter into the realm of potentiality. You allow your heart to lead the way to what your soul has known was waiting for you all along. You allow yourself the joy of the discovery of miraculous matches and outcomes. You become one with the magic of the flow and your highest life expression, which is what your heart has been yearning for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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