Daily Message ~ Friday January 16, 2015

If you are trying to draw your divine other (the highest partner available to you at this time) in order to enjoy a new love relationship, one of the most activating things you can do is to start connecting with them with your consciousness now. Know that they exist. Start to acknowledge them on a daily basis. Say good morning to them (your inner voice is fine) when you wake up. Send them love. Imagine holding them in your arms. Whenever you think of it, send them a few words of encouragement, support or caring. Say goodnight to them at the end of the day. Feel their presence and incorporate them into your life now.

This is a powerful technique because it is creating strong bonds and nurturing your energetic connection in preparation for uniting in the physical. By feeling the other as being part of your life, they become a tangible part of your experience and then the law of attraction will automatically respond. There is no need to know exactly who they are, how they look, or how you will meet. In fact, it is better to keep it open, to be responding to their energy, their soul signature, and allowing the universe to take care of the rest. By making this change in your life, you are loudly broadcasting to the universe, and your divine other, that you are ready for them, and the universe can only respond to your clear declaration. ~Archangel Gabriel

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