Daily Message ~ Friday January 30, 2015

If you truly understood that you can always move back into your purest essence of self – back into your innocence, your divine template – you would let go of the illusion of insurmountable hurts and very quickly move into forgiveness and wholeness, which would, in turn, create a cascade of healing in your life. If you have been hurt or abused, your wounded self may have retreated deep within in its desire to avoid more hurt, but it is always there waiting to come back into the light once it knows it is safe. Once you truly accept the resiliency and indestructible nature of your essence, and commit to being your own loving guide or parent and creating a safe and nurturing environment for yourself, you will understand that healing is always available to you by simply integrating back into your wholeness and letting go of the illusion of permanent wounds. ~Archangel Gabriel

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