Daily Message ~ Friday July 19, 2013

Gratitude is one of the most multi-functional tools a human being can use. Gratitude has a grounding effect. It is a very empowering practice that supports your creative efforts through the law of attraction, because it focuses on what is right in your life and removes your focus from what you do not want. It provides clear feedback to the universe about what you would like more of, as well as energetically anchoring those desirable elements into your experience. By choosing to feel gratitude, you automatically shift into the Now, which is where the magic is. It is a heart centred emotion. The practice of gratitude shifts you into a very high vibrating energy that is similar to prayer, as it is also a means of communicating with Source. In fact, it can often be a higher frequency than prayer, as prayer is frequently filled with requests and a focus on lack, while gratitude simply rejoices for the bounty of abundance in your life. Gratitude also acts as a steering wheel for the flow and a powerful means of co-creation. The use of gratitude will facilitate vibrational adjustment for yourself and affect change in any area of your life you are perceiving as problematic. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is always available to you. In fact, you could say it is an alchemical tool as it has the power to transform any area of your life. Again, we say, if you do nothing more than practice gratitude, you will be doing more than enough to change your life in the most remarkable ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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