Daily Message ~ Friday July 24, 2015

Many sensitive humans find being in certain energies challenging. They find it difficult to keep their balance while in the presence of some people or environments. Let us remind you that you are always in charge of your own energetic state. No one has the power to affect the way you feel unless you give that power to them.

So how do you shift away from being so affected by those situations? When you show up in your highest alignment and balance, with the intention to be of loving service, you are emanating your truth and divinity. You do not “pick up” from others when you are shining your light, you see. The candle flame does not catch darkness from the room.

This is not about controlling how others act, or trying to convince them to see your point of view. This is about being secure in your beingness, bringing your highest vibration to the situation, and allowing others to decide if they wish to embrace that light or not, knowing whatever they decide is perfect for them in that right now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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