Daily Message ~ Friday July 24, 2020

Being in a space of not knowing how to proceed can be uncomfortable. The mind naturally wants to rule, yet you are in energies that require navigating through the heart. It can be helpful to ask the following questions if you find yourself in that space.

If you do not know how to proceed, it is an opportunity to shift into choice. What do you wish to experience? What would feel good? What does the Now moment support? What would bring you joy? If you don’t know, what could you explore that might give you some clues?

What is the flow supporting? What are the gifts of the space you are in? What is the highest choice you can make in this Now moment? Do you need more information? What can you do in the meantime until you have that?

Where does your heart want to lead you? What is your soul calling you towards? What can you create? What is your broad intention moving forward? Have you surrendered into that intention? Are you willing to be guided? Are you utilizing the help that is available to you from your guides and helpers? Are you in gratitude? Are you willing to receive?

The beautiful thing about the mind is it can lead you to deeper discoveries if you use it as a helpful tool. Denying it is just another way to deepen your resistance to yourself. Harnessing it to lead you into your knowingness is a wise use of all your wonderful abilities. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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