Daily Message ~ Friday July 25, 2014

Dear Ones, if you are out of your highest alignment with Source and are attempting to be of service, you may very quickly find yourselves becoming exhausted and depleted. This is because you are trying to serve from your own energy stores. Such service, because you are using your own limited energy to give, often comes with an expectation or an attachment to a result. You think, “If I am using so much of my own energy and effort, I expect people to behave exactly as I think they should in response to this giving I am doing. They will change and be grateful for all the sacrificing I am doing for them. That will make it all worthwhile.” Out of balance service frequently leads to frustration, disappointment, and resentment.

If you are self loving enough to concentrate on your own alignment first, you will be in a much more balanced and authentic place to offer your love and assistance. When you are working from the endless wellspring of the unconditional love of Source, your service will become joyful and without expectation. Further, you will be supporting yourself as lovingly as you do others. The whole energy of your efforts will change, as will the results, because it is based on the firm foundation and abundance of endless love and support your connection to Source offers to all.

Do you see? It is much like trying to quench everyone’s thirst from your own glass of water, when all you have to do is reach over and turn on the tap that is right next to you that could easily satisfy everyone’s needs. That would not make one bit of sense, would it? If you really wish to empower others, take it one step further and show them where the tap is and how easy it is to turn it on themselves!

Going it alone, carrying the burden for everyone else, doing things the hard way, and martyring yourselves, is the way of the past, Dear Ones! Embrace the loving supports that are there for you, and for everyone else, that allow all of you to thrive. ~Archangel Gabriel

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