Daily Message ~ Friday July 8, 2016


You are in the throes of change, both personally and collectively. During times of profound change, it can often seem like things are getting worse. Many, many things are being brought up into your awareness for transformation. Do not lose hope, Dear Ones! The fact that things seem to be intensifying is not an indicator that things are heading in the wrong direction, rather that they can no longer be ignored in their desire to be healed. It is a sign that not only is change truly possible, it is happening.

Let us give you an example of worse before better. Think of when your body has caught a common virus. When you are first infected, you don’t realize it. That is the most dangerous time, when the virus is flooding your body undetected. Then your body moves into awareness that something is going on, and responds with a fever. You recognize extra care is required and you focus on what is needed to move back into wellness. You are actually healing the most when you are feeling the worst. Then you come out the other side of the illness with an immune system that will remember what it has healed beyond so it becomes a non-issue. You have created a new template for wellness.

Dear Ones, hold onto your intentions of what you wish to create, especially if you are being challenged, because what is challenging you is what needs your guidance and transformation the most. Allow what is unwanted to strengthen your resolve for what you wish to anchor within yourself and your world. Be true to who you are. Love and support each other. Know that you are all in this together, with an entire universe on your side. ~Archangel Gabriel

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