Daily Message ~ Friday June 14, 2013

A great many enlightening human beings have been focusing so diligently on their spirituality that they have somewhat neglected the physical aspects of self. Your physical body is such a necessary vehicle for the ascension process! We encourage you to bring some balance back into your focus. Make friends with your body again. Don’t see it as something that only brings you discomfort as you shift, but as an amazing and perfect carrier for your divinity. Take your body out and let it play! Love it, nurture it, treat it like a beloved child! Let it move, feel the miracle of it. Nourish it with vibrant, healthy food. Protect it from harmful elements. Let it start to bring you joy through its release of chemicals that is its gratitude for movement. Trust in its ability to heal, and to give you feedback on this amazing journey. Treat your body and soul with equal importance and reverence and you will be a balanced human being thriving in the energies of the New Earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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