Daily Message ~ Friday June 28, 2013

As a co-creator of the planet, gratitude is one of the most powerful tools you can use. When you move into the stream of thankfulness, you shift into a very high, very empowered energetic state. Not only does appreciation give crystal clear feedback to the universe and energetically lock in what you wish to experience more of, taking the time to see, in the Now, what is working in your life is a powerful way to realize how blessed and provided for you always are. Just as you can enter into a downward spiral of despair, you can choose to embrace an upward spiral of appreciation, expanding your blessings and feeling the unconditional love of the Universe. From that sweet, conscious and nurtured state, you will have so much more to offer each other and your planet until you are all uplifted, living, loving and dancing in the energies of joyous creation and abundance. ~Archangel Gabriel

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