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Daily Message ~ Friday June 3, 2022

Dear Ones, there is a common trajectory of healing that occurs in enlightening human beings. It is:

Victim consciousness/disempowerment/separation consciousness/deep discomfort
Bottoming out
Finding some relief (usually this is found by employing positive thinking/changing focus)
Starting to explore deeper healing
Falling into being in perpetual troubleshooting mode with yourself
Moving into deeper self love/self acceptance
Deepening connection
Accepting help/getting more comfortable with surrender, faith, flow, trust
Allowing the unfoldment of expansion
Settling into beingness/empowerment/unity consciousness/peace

This process leads you from separation to inclusion, from God “out there” to God “in here” also known as coming Home to yourself, moving out of contrast into preference, and shifting from the old martyred service paradigm into the joyful service paradigm that is awaiting your discovery.

But what we really want you to understand is that no one phase is better than the other. Your embodiment process is like a manifestation process with every step taking you forward even if you may not be seeing the progress that is occurring behind the scenes. Every discovery, every process, is simply another step on the staircase of becoming, and as important and sacred as those that have come before and those that will come next. It is a beautiful divine unfolding that is breathtaking to behold, every single step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

This Saturday June 4 we continue our Divine Combination series and take a close look at the energies of Patience, Peace, and Beingness. This is where the Divine Combination really starts to pay off for you, when you stay in the core elements long enough to deepen into the experience of its offshoots. The class is held at 12 pm eastern time for approximately one hour by zoom and is recorded. The cost to attend is $40. If you want patience to be your new superpower, this class is for you! I hope you’ll join us. You can sign up here:


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