Daily Message ~ Friday March 1, 2013

A great number of human beings are picking up the reins of their spirituality and beginning to apply their knowledge in their day to day life.  This is what is driving the Shift, and it is an awesome sight to behold!  What we are finding though, is that they begin applying the principals to some parts of their lives, and are struggling to apply that new way of doing things to the areas of their lives that have been more challenging for them.  Enlightening humans seem to have the most trouble applying their teachings to those who are closest to them because old habits are so deeply entrenched, and also because those who may not be enlightening at this time are invested in them staying the same, and meet their loved one’s changes with great resistance.  Dear Ones, sporadic spirituality will create sporadic results in your life.  In order to truly have the life expression you dream of, you must apply your knowledge and skills to ALL areas of your life.  Then you will be creating the solid foundation and balance required  to move forward in earnest. ~Archangel Gabriel

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