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Daily Message ~ Friday March 1, 2019

People will often talk about what they want as a preparation or precursor to change. This is the first stage of transformation, the identification of a dream or desire. This is a wonderful thing!

The trick is to not get stuck in seeing it as a someday goal. Your dream has come into your awareness for a reason. It is your soul showing you the way.

What we want for you to understand in this year of exploring your sovereignty and supported forward movement, the time is ripe for you to make your dreams a reality. This means shifting them from off the shelf as some far off experience into something that you wish to water and feed right now. Remember that what you talk about is who you want to be, what you do is your declaration of self.

So examine your dreams and desires. What do you talk about most? How can you start to make that more of a reality? What action steps are you guided to take? How can you incorporate more of that energy into your experience right now? It may be something as simple as meditating with the intention of co-creating it, researching and educating yourself on it, or making the time to begin to create the foundation that dream can be built upon.

If you have done everything tangible that you possibly can to move into the experience of that dream, making sure you are surrendered into your highest service or experience, being open to any and all possibilities beyond what you can imagine from your side of the veil, and being willing to receive and move when the conditions are energetically supported is key.

For many of you movement will break through quite quickly when it comes. Being prepared for that by being willing to move with the flow, whatever speed it takes, with your well developed faith and trust will help you navigate sudden forward movement, as well.

You are ready and the energies are all about supporting you in your forward movement this year.  Release any residual constraints you have and allow your lives to get as big and beautiful as they want to be. Take the time to do what you can on your end and then allow the unfoldment to take care of the rest, and you may very well be amazed at what shows up for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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