Daily Message ~ Friday March 20, 2015

Dear Ones, why not stop for a moment of appreciation for this magical moment in time? Thank yourself for choosing to be on the planet, participating in the grand shift of the ages. You are doing such a magnificent job! Thank the other human beings, who like you, are courageously being the ground crew. Thank the planet for giving you a world to experience. Thank the animals for their loving and pure energy on your earth. Thank the earth and the plants for providing sustenance and healing.

Thank the planets, for wonderfully aligning to support your growth, evolution and service. Thank your guides and helpers, your ancestors, your angels, the masters for their consistent, encouraging and loving presence in your lives. Thank Source energy, for it’s unconditional love, endless wisdom, beauty, glory and expansion (and recognize that you are a vital part of that love, wisdom, beauty, glory and expansion, as well.)

Feel the appreciation that exists for you and all you do. There is magic in you and all around you. In your appreciation of self and all, you only make it shimmer all the more beautifully. ~Archangel Gabriel

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