Daily Message ~ Friday March 21, 2014

The greatest cause of strife and discontent is the perception of lack, a limited universe, and powerlessness. These beliefs lead to fear, worry, depression, anxiety, doubt, resistance, angst, war, discord, poor health and crime.

Dear Ones, those ideas cause such discomfort because they are contrary to universal truths. They feel so awful so you will not want to stay in those energies! Life is not a cross to bear. It is not some grand series of tests you are being graded on. Suffering is not a pre-requisite of reward. These are all old belief systems that perpetuate the old lack and fear based systems.

You are infinitely powerful beings who are part of an infinitely abundant universe. As you start to accept that, your focus begins to change. You start to see the abundance that abounds, and through your gratitude and focus, experience even more of it. From there, you begin to sense your truth and power, and will begin to create anew, from a far firmer foundation of authenticity.

As each person on your planet starts to embrace their divinity in these ways, the entire human experience will begin to shift to contain far more joy, contentment, love, peace and harmony. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly what is creating the New Earth and supporting this grand age of enlightenment you are now in. ~Archangel Gabriel

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