Daily Message ~ Friday March 22, 2013

Another classic way we see humans staying stuck is by not assessing their current situation in the Now, but rather as it once was.  An example of this is when a person stays in a relationship long after it has stopped working because the other person “swept them off their feet” in the beginning.  The relationship may have been completely unrewarding for a very long time, yet they stay based on how things were years before!  In order to truly assess your life accurately, Dear Ones, you must make decisions based on your Now.  The Now reflects the reality and the energetics of any situation as it is working in its current state. The Now gives you all the pertinent information you need and allows you to respond according to your truth at this point of your evolution.  You simply cannot make informed decisions if you are ignoring the truth of your Now because you are clinging to the long expired energies of the past.  Assessing your life through each Now moment is stepping into your authentic power because it reflects who you really are and is the only time you can enact change.  The Now offers you a clear picture of your reality and who you are today so you can make empowered choices for yourself and your highest life expression.  Humans waste tremendous amounts of energy trying to force their life to work with situations that have long ago expired, so we encourage you to change your focus to what brings you joy, satisfaction, contentment, support and all the other things you wish for yourself and you so deserve in your current reality. ~Archangel Gabriel

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