Daily Message ~ Friday March 7, 2014

So many of you still live in fear of the unknown of the future. When you step into your authentic power and start to play with being a co-creator of your life expression, you no longer need to live in fear. When you are consciously creating through your focus and appreciation, it is much like placing an order with the universe. Then you can excitedly wait for your desires to arrive, much like you would wait for a parcel to come in the mail. There is no need to fear because you know what you have ordered! And just like a package, if you open it and it isn’t exactly what you wanted, you can order again, more specifically to what works for you. Your entire life is a series of requests to and responses from the universe, whether you have been doing it consciously, or unconsciously. You can willingly start giving your input, whenever you like, in order to start living the life expression you choose to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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