Daily Message ~ Friday May 17, 2013

During a time of deep release and energetic refinement, such as you are experiencing right now, it can be difficult to feel the subtle energies of spirit. This can result in people feeling quite separate. During such times, it is also common to feel as if you are in a holding pattern, seeming like you are very far away from your creations and forward movement. These are both very temporary sensations, Dear Ones. There is very accelerated movement going on “behind the scenes” if you will, and the energetic shifting you are experiencing internally is preparation for when the movement starts to be experienced in a more tangible way. You have not lost your alignment and you are not doing anything wrong! Everything is, as always, divinely perfect. Resist the temptation to fall into worry, practice tender self care, keep focused on your heart’s desires and spend time in practices that bring you joy. You are almost through this challenging time and the fruits of your labour will be considerable. ~Archangel Gabriel

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