Daily Message ~ Friday May 31, 2013

What happens, quite understandably, is when humans find themselves in painful situations, they immediately seek to numb themselves to experience some sort of relief. Much like the ostrich with his head in the sand, it will give an illusion of improvement but when they come back to the truth of their situation they will find the scenery exactly the same. Numbing oneself is quite contrary to what the soul is always seeking to experience, which is greater expansion and awareness. It will only offer temporary relief at best – at worst, it will enable a human to stay in a disempowering situation for a very long time rather than seek true and lasting change.

Common ways humans seek to numb themselves to the truth of their situations is to use drugs, alcohol, blaming others, denial, complaining, emotional detachment, and stuffing of emotions. All of these activities perpetuate the very energies they are trying to find relief from.

When you feel discomfort, it is telling you that you are out of your highest alignment. It is a direct request from your soul, not to find a way of making staying out of alignment more comfortable, but to redirect back into your authenticity. Realigning will bring instant relief and will also allow decisions to be made that are much more in line with what your soul wishes to experience – being an empowered human being of light and a mindful creator of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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