heart candle illuminated trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday November 2, 2018

You will notice as things continue to move forward that there will be many times that your brain simply cannot figure things out. This is because the energies are shifting and you work with the new energies not through the brain, but through the heart.

It is a different knowing you are seeking now, the one the heart offers, that honours your soul and your highest purpose.  It is also a simpler knowing, what comes from the heart. The power is in its simplicity, Dear Ones, so don’t let that make you believe it isn’t as valid or valuable as the complex theories your brain likes come up with.

Eventually all spiritual paths lead to the core elements of unconditional love, surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance, purpose, and gratitude, and those are the energies your heart is expert in working with. The simplicity is an indicator of great advancement on your path and opens the door to your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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