Daily Message ~ Friday November 23, 2012

This is such a powerful time of creation and self-definition for the enlightening human being.  We urge you to become vigilant about your I AM statements.  Your I AM statements loudly proclaim your truth to the universe.  They are powerful manifestation tools, and very much set your energy moving forward.  We understand that many of you use I AM statements as a habit of speech, not recognizing them as the universal declarations they truly are.  You do not realize they amount to hanging a sign around your neck that flashes your reality to the world!  Many of you have been working hard at manifesting perfect health, for example, and in the next moments proclaim yourselves to be sick and tired.  Many of you create vision boards and visualize monetary abundance and then walk around stating loudly, “I AM broke.”  Do you see the mixed messages you are sending?  We urge you to walk your talk and speak your truth.  When your intentions, visualizations/manifestation techniques and spoken word all line up, you will be in the perfect alignment to manifest whatever your heart desires.  ~Archangel Gabriel

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