Daily Message ~ Friday November 29, 2013

Guilt and shame are very low vibrating energies. Many humans see staying in the energies of guilt and shame as a way of atoning for their sins. Let us tell you why this is faulty thinking.

Dear Ones, you are loved completely and unconditionally. From the perspective of the other side, there is no need for atonement because there was never a time when you were not forgiven. What you see as sins and mistakes, we simply see as not being in line with your own divinity. You had temporarily forgotten your truth. Even your worst “mistake” would be a blessing if it helped you move back into that truth and alignment.

By staying in the energies of guilt and shame, you are not gaining any favour with yourself, others, or with the universe. Rather, you are just unnecessarily tainting each brand new Now moment. The greatest way to move beyond a time you are not proud of is to express yourself in your new definition of self. There are no awards for keeping yourself small and in shame, Dear Ones.

Simply embrace your truth, and commit to allowing that truth to shine. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Allow what belongs in the past and serves no further purpose to stay in the past and move into the magic of the Now. Further, do not allow others to continue to shame you as it only perpetuates everyone’s victim consciousness. Know you are always, always a beloved and honoured piece of the whole. If you accept that truth and embrace your highest alignment, your choices will always reflect that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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