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Daily Message ~ Friday October 1, 2021

If you think of your feelings as messengers, you will be able to stay out of making yourself wrong for having them. With wisdom you will be able to discern how your feelings are trying to serve you.

Some feelings are making you aware of something that is still looking for your love and attention and are healing opportunities. They usually come up quite strongly and suddenly. They are determined to get your attention! They are asking you to sit with them, acknowledge them, and give yourself what you didn’t get but always deserved.

Some feelings come on less intensely but seem contrary to what you are experiencing in your now moment. That usually means that you are picking up on an active aspect of the collective. Asking, “Is this mine?” can usually help you discern where it is coming from. Then you can send loving support to it. You can see this type of feeling is an opportunity to serve the whole with your love and healing.

If you have feelings that are persistently giving you a loud no response and are lasting, it is likely letting you know that a situation you are in is no longer serving you and it is time to explore what else is possible for you.

Some feelings or ideas seem to come in from outside of yourself, often from above your head and slightly to the left. These are inspirations and guidance from your guides or your highest self, and always have value for you!

Some feelings that come up are part of the ascension process, or a reaction to energies you may be experiencing. These usually don’t last for long and can be correlated to something that is going on energetically or astrologically. For example, when the sun is active it is quite common for people to experience more anxiety. It is simply a symptom of something else that is occurring, and in a sense confirmation of the shift you are going through.

And some feelings are directly related to simply being a human being, and deserve to be embraced in the now moment as part of the full experience of having a body.

Do you see? Your feelings come and go for such a vast variety of reasons, none of which should be feared! They serve you, give you opportunities and feedback, and help direct you in so many ways. They are part of the wonder of you so feel free to explore what they are trying to offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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