Daily Message ~ Friday October 5, 2012

A lot of enlightening human beings are experiencing the pregnant pause. You have finished up, to a great extent, the life you have lived up to this point, but have not yet seen where your new life will be taking you. This can be an uncomfortable feeling, as many will experience a great urge to do something but cannot quite put their finger on what it is they should be doing. It is so important to use this “hurry up and wait” period as an opportunity to rest and keep your clarity about what you would like to create. Rest assured that the time for movement will come before you know it, and the best thing to do for right now is to practice your balance and gratitude and dream big about what want to paint on the blank canvas of your life expression. We understand that it is easy to fall into doubt and impatience, but the pregnant pause truly is a gloriously expanded Now moment that can help you get very clear about what you want to experience. Don’t know what to create? Your highest path always starts with whatever brings you joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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