Daily Message ~ Friday September 20, 2013

So many people get upset about things because they feel it is the correct societal response, and if they don’t stand up for themselves they will be perceived as weak. The next time you feel yourself getting reactive, ask yourself if you are really upset, or are you reacting in such a way because others think you should be upset. Don’t be afraid to choose your own reactions to any situation! You get to be in charge of your own energy, and how you use it, as the master of your own life expression. As you evolve beyond victim consciousness, you will find yourself not needing to be on high alert for perceived slights and will find yourself becoming much calmer, much more balanced. It is through the use of acceptance and allowing, and choosing to respond authentically, that you will find a far greater level of harmony and peace in your day to day life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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