Daily Message ~ Friday September 21, 2012

Dear Ones, it is time to get serious about joyful spirituality. What do we mean by this? It is time to embrace living in the light. These miraculous times are what your soul has been so excited to experience. Give your spiritual practices the time they deserve and give yourself permission to live your spirituality blissfully in the way that best honours you and who you really are. Remember, you are the wayshowers, the pathpavers, the beacons, the teachers by example. If you are walking around complaining about how hard the process is and how horrible your ascension symptoms are, why would anyone want to follow your lead? You get to choose how your enlightenment feels! If you commit to shifting with grace and ease, excitedly, open-heartedly, gratefully accepting all the gifts that are available to you at this time, you will be creating heaven on earth and become a shining example of the joys of living a spiritual existence. ~Archangel Gabriel

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