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Daily Message ~ Friday September 29, 2017

We understand that you have been shifting at an unprecedented rate and the sheer magnitude of the releasing and integration you are under can seem overwhelming at times. Let us reassure you, you are ready and more than able to do this!

The fact that you are on the planet assimilating and driving these shifts is testimony to the amount of work that has been done both individually and collectively. It is proof positive that the shift is occurring, and that your hard work is creating change. While your body knows exactly what to do, it is your mind that may sometimes react to the depth of the change, and start to feel like it is all too much. And as with all other matters, resistance can make the process more difficult and uncomfortable.

Trust that this process is exactly what you could not wait to experience on the planet. Know you are energetic experts with an innate wisdom that knows exactly what to do. Lovingly give yourselves the love and encouragement you need. Choosing to approach each energetic shift as a gift of enlightenment and a testimony of your divine capability will allow you to shift into gratitude for the process.

Gratitude is completely non-resistant state, one of open acceptance and welcoming, which will allow yourself to release, receive, and integrate with the greatest amount of ease possible. It also acts as an energetic anchor, which assists in the embodiment process.

Dear Ones, as always we wish for you to understand that you are doing a marvellous job! You are the pioneers, the energetic adventurers, creating new potentials both for yourselves and your planet at an exponential rate. Embracing it all with wonder and appreciation will make the process far more enjoyable for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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