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Daily Message ~ Friday September 6, 2019

You were born with innate talents and interests, all designed to help you navigate your life expression into the experiences you wished to have and services you wished to offer.  Many of you put down those interests as you stepped into adulthood in order to please others or to be “more responsible”.

As you are preparing to step forward into phase two of your incarnation, you may wish to dust off those interests and see how you can bring them back into your life expression in new updated ways that match who you are today.

The pause so many of you have been in offers you the time to do just that. What did you love to do?  How can you incorporate it into your life now?  What did you always want to try but never did? As your own loving guide, best friend, and parent, you get to offer those things to yourself today because with your wisdom you recognize what perfect matches those interests are to your soul and their importance for your expansion.

This is yet another way you can move into greater unity with yourself, by honouring and including those interests and passions that were always present within you because they are important aspects of your soul and your purpose. You may need to adjust them to match the phase of your life you are in now, but please know it is never too late to water and grow those core interests, even if they have been neglected for a long time. In fact, to do so is a profound act of love for yourself and will add greatly to your joy and satisfaction. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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