Daily Message ~ Monday April 1, 2013

Dear Ones, we said it yesterday but we feel it is such an important message we will say it again. Every single time you blame others you are staying in your victim consciousness.  That means you are giving your power away, and choosing to stay stuck.  You cannot heal, you cannot thrive, you cannot create the life of your dreams from that space of powerlessness.  Many choose to stay in their victimhood in order to avoid assuming responsibility for self.  You have two choices.  You can create your life unconsciously and continue to have the experience of life happening to you, afraid of what will happen next, or, you can dust yourself off, grab the reins and start to create the life expression you deserve.  When you are accepting full responsibility for your wellness and your life expression, every day becomes an adventure, filled with joy and wonder.  Which would you rather? ~Archangel Gabriel

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