Daily Message ~ Monday August 10, 2015

We understand that the constant energetic changes you are going through can seem intense and fatiguing. It helps if you can remember that they are completely transformative in nature, and a necessary part of the process that is occurring on your planet. In fact, they are assisting you by moving energies up and out in a much faster and more efficient manner than if you were attempting to release them on your own.

This explains why many of you are feeling like not much is happening on one hand, and on the other, feeling like things are moving very quickly. You are in an accelerated time, and what is occurring internally will be reflected in your physical reality, as your external world will always respond to your internal changes.

We understand that from your perspective it may seem difficult, but we would like to point out that the true discomfort has come from the centuries of resistance and victim consciousness you have already endured. This, truly, is what you have been waiting for, evolving into the empowered version of yourself, and it is a glorious time, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

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