Daily Message ~ Monday August 19, 2013

You have been encouraged to start living the life of your dreams, yet many of you don’t know exactly what that would look like. Some of you have been afraid to dream, thinking that they only lead to disappointment. A lot of you have the dreams that you have settled for, that won’t rock the boat, that your friends and family will approve of – the careful dreams that you might find enjoyable but won’t feel too disappointed if they don’t come to fruition.

Dear Ones, do not try to play it safe with your dreams! By watering them down, they are no longer a true match to what your heart desires! Deep inside of you are your heartfelt dreams, the ones you may have kept to yourself because you felt too shy to share them, or don’t nurture because you think they are too grand or won’t come true.

Those dreams are the true essence of you, where your passion lies. Pull them up into the light, dust them off and give them the energy they deserve! Your soul holds them because they are an important and beautiful part of who you are and what you are on the planet to experience. Your interests, your unique talents, and your creations are what will come together to create the glorious mosaic that will be the New Earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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