Daily Message ~ Monday December 7, 2015

Many human beings starting out on a spiritual path begin with disempowered spirituality. This is a curiosity that is expressed by seeking someone to tell them what to do or what the future holds, or hiring others to do their spiritual work for them. An example of this might be going to see healers, psychics, or spiritual teachers who posture themselves as above or more evolved than others and who actively try to create dependency upon them, rather than encouraging the client or student to develop their own skills and discover their own inner mastery. This approach eventually leads to disillusionment because disempowered spirituality ultimately cannot offer what the seeker is looking for, for what they are seeking is their own authentic power. Many go through this learning phase in order to discover what spirituality is not, in their desire to discover what it is.

Moving into empowered spirituality can be a very exciting and somewhat scary part of the spiritual journey. This is typically a phase that comes with learning many skills – a time of self discovery and empowerment. Because of their experiences with disempowered spirituality, seekers in this stage are often very cautious and mindful moving forward. Issues about power come up for examination and clearing during this stage. This time can facilitate a great gathering of knowledge, and of developing clarity in the person’s belief systems, resulting in the acceptance of their importance as part of the divine whole and their own responsibility for healing, growth and experience.

The phase evolving human beings will enter after spending a considerable amount of time in empowered spirituality will simply be beingness. This phase is the application of what was learned throughout the spiritual journey. It is shifting from action and doing, to embodying and being. It is a calmer, more peaceful phase. This is the least experienced phase of spirituality on your planet at this time, but many are shifting into it, or will be shifting into it, over the next while. Beingness is a skill all of its own. It is uncharted territory in many ways, and it can be difficult for human beings to shift from the action/doing template they have lived with for so long. It is a stage filled with acceptance and allowing, of creation with ease vs effort, and of choosing love and joy as navigation tools.

Dear Ones, each of these phases is equally vital, with none being more important than the other. As you start to more clearly see the many different spiritual experiences on the planet as simply the sacred unfoldment of the journey, and the growth and expansion of the journey itself being the most important thing, you will easily be able to honour and accept yourself, and others, wherever they may be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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