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Daily Message ~ Monday February 10, 2020

Just being you is more than enough. The more you can emanate your truth and authenticity, the greater your service, just by being you. The entirety of your incarnation has been about uncovering your true divine essence and allowing it to lead the way. Every discovery you make about who you really are allows your light to shine a little bit brighter. Every single shift you make serves the whole and contributes to the evolutionary shift on your planet.

When you try to make yourself wrong, when you berate yourself, or deny your truth by constantly looking for things that are not right about you, you dim your light and stall your progress. Can you see? We understand you are trying to be diligent, but no one benefits from that practice.

We are not saying you should not address things if they come into your awareness. Of course you should! Anything that is not in alignment with your ever-evolving truth will naturally come up for release. The difference is your focus and intention.

When something is brought into your awareness because it is ready to leave or be healed it is in line with your embodiment process. It is further proof of your own evolution and divine capability. When you are always looking for trouble within yourself you focus is not on your wholeness, but rather on the continual expectation that you are not ok or perpetually need fixing. It is an illusion that is blocking you from the knowing of your own divine essence.

So trust, Dear Ones. Trust that your evolution is a divinely intelligent process. Trust that the flow will always bring into your awareness what is ready for healing and release. Trust that your soul knows exactly what it is doing. Trust that you are a divine being that is in the process of coming Home to yourself. Lead through your beingness, and you can never, ever make a mistake. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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