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Daily Message ~ Monday February 18, 2019

Many of you are sensitives and empaths, and as such, have developed various ways of diminishing the intensity of how much you feel.  One approach to this is to spend more time connected to the higher realms, where it is more comfortable to feel due to the subtleness, peace, and safety of those energies.

One of the major themes you are currently experiencing on your enlightenment journey is learning how to be fully in the body and feel.  This will mean many of you will be learning how to be in charge of your own energetics. This will result in stepping away from the many ways you have distracted yourselves from feeling.

There is a pervasive belief amongst those who are empathic that their depth of feeling is somewhat of a curse. As you move forward in your mastery you will come to see it as a great blessing and will learn how you can fully enjoy your time in the body, on the planet.

It will become what you lead with, how you navigate, and most of all, how you finally allow yourself the presence to experience the vast beauty and joy that is available to you, and embrace the fullness of the love that you are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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