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Daily Message ~ Monday February 28, 2022

The many, many energetic shifts you are experiencing allow you to release the illusion of separation and connect more with your true divine essence. What you are releasing makes room for you to then anchor in and embody more of your true soul self. This process ultimately leads to the activation of your own sacred heart centre. This is the second coming that so many have spoken of – the actuation of your own Christed energies as consciously awake and aware individuated aspects of the whole. It occurs from the full activation of the heart chakra, the high heart, and the crown, which explains why many of you are experiencing energy symptoms in the chest and head areas. How glorious that this is the natural outcome of your own evolution and indicative of the work you have been so diligently dedicated to for so long! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Last call to book a Journeying into the New session before they go up in price! They are currently at the introductory rate of $149 USD and will soon be going up to $199 USD. One of the things I get asked most often in private sessions is, how am I blocked? Much to my surprise I received an entirely new journeying system over the last few weeks of 2021 that helps people identify where they are blocked, release that blockage, anchor new preferences, integrate healing, and connect with brand new potentials and possibilities. This system is creating some really profound shifts and opening people to brand new ways of being. Clients are reporting they feel more comfortable in their bodies, more expansive, more empowered, and energetically shifted into a new alignment. I am offering these one on one sessions at an introductory rate of $149 USD. If you are interested in booking please email me at


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