Daily Message ~ Monday February 4, 2013

We encourage you to really examine your belief systems.  Many of you are holding onto old, outmoded beliefs, created by the part of you that wishes to keep you small.  These beliefs could very well be what is standing between you and living the life of your dreams.  Start to pay attention to the excuses you use to not live fully.  “I am too old for that.”  “There are no good single people left.” “Maybe when the kids are grown.” “I don’t have time to follow my passions.”  “My back/knees/hips would never let me do that.”  “If I had more money I would really make a difference.”  Do you see? How many times have you used variations of these things to keep yourself from blooming, from living your life to the fullest?  Pay attention, Dear Ones, to the ways you limit yourselves.  Can you imagine if Jesus said, “I’d love to make a difference, but who would listen to me?  And I’d have to walk across the desert and I’ve got this bad knee.” (laughter) Many of you have shrunk yourselves down into tiny versions of yourselves due to societal expectations and an acceptance of lack.  Shrug off those invisible chains and start to dream, start to create, start to LIVE.  It is never too late to change things completely and start to have the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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