Daily Message ~ Monday January 12, 2015

We wish for you to stop and really ponder the importance of reconnecting with your innocence. Your innocence will be quite willing to come back into your awareness as long as it is assured it will be safe. Part of the reason for the focus being on self love and healthy boundaries for so long, has been to create the environment for your innocence to wish to resurface.

Why is your innocence important? Because it is the purest essence of your human self. It is the part of you that sees itself as divine and perfect without ego. It also sees the divinity in others. Your innocence just naturally accepts your beingness as being more than enough. Your innocence trusts, and trust is a vital aspect of the Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow and trust. It is an essential element of enlightenment.

Also, your innocence is very in touch with your imagination, and your imagination is what flows you over the bridge into the spiritual realms. Your imagination is what helps you create, to experience, to have fun. Creation always puts you in alignment with Source (Creator).

If you have had trouble finding joy on your path of late, it is a sure sign that your innocence hasn’t been connected with in a long time. Make a play date with that inner child and nurture that relationship again. You have so much to offer each other. ~Archangel Gabriel

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