Daily Message ~ Monday January 13, 2014

We understand that many of you view yourselves as being in earth school, that your agenda is to go through many different tests and lessons. And while we agree that being in the physical creates many opportunities for growth, we think the idea of tests comes with an expectation that you will be graded on your success or failure, which is the very energy we are hoping you will move beyond.

Let us put it this way. Can you imagine travelling a great distance to experience a different country and then not leaving your room in case you make a mistake? That would seem somewhat ridiculous, would it not?

Dear Ones, the entire purpose of being in the body is to experience things in a physical and tangible way. From those experiences, you develop preferences, and begin to find your way back to your truth. There is no right or wrong! You are not being tested and you cannot pass or fail. Please release that idea once and for all, as it is only resulting in making you keep yourself small and afraid to live fully. There is nothing you can do, ever, that could result in us judging you, or loving you any less.

So take the pressure off yourselves and take chances! Live! Love! Try new things! Dream big! Approach all of the wonderful opportunities of being in the physical with excitement and delight. You will very quickly discern what is an energetic match for you and what is not, always further clarifying your BEingness, as you embrace your earth tour of experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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