Daily Message ~ Monday January 14, 2013

Imagine a trip to the ice cream store.  There are so many choices and all of them are wonderful! Dear Ones, why not approach your life expression the same way, where everything is a different flavour of wonderful?  And guess what?  If you choose, you even get the sprinkles AND the cherry on top! When you approach your life with such a positive attitude, you are energetically paving your way for more and more of a joyful experience.  If you experiment with a flavour and find you don’t enjoy quite as much as some of the others, you don’t get caught up in it, because you realize it is still ice cream, and still a wonderful experience.  Lighten up, Dear Ones!  Your spirituality has been heavy and serious for so very long.  Bring out your inner child and see life as a beautiful adventure that is filled with endless, wonderful possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel

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