Daily Message ~ Monday January 20, 2014

We observe a curious phenomena in some human beings. We will often see a person experience deep disappointment when another person cannot fulfill their emotional needs. Rather than just accept that the person does not offer what they need, they will become all the more determined to get it from that person. They try, time and again, only to be disappointed over and over when they do not get a different result. They seem to believe that the person has some secret storehouse of loving, emotional support and is just steadfastly being too mean, stubborn, or selfish to show it.

This would be no different than someone walking into a men’s clothing store, asking for bananas, and then experiencing deep disappointment when they were told they did not offer bananas. Rather than accepting that fact, the person returns, day after day, asking for bananas and experiencing greater and greater disappointment and frustration because they wouldn’t produce them. Do you see? The person could easily have their needs met if they would simply go to a store that offered what they desired, allowing everyone to have a far more pleasant experience.

Dear Ones, are you being perpetually disappointed? Are you frustrated on a regular basis? The vast majority of people will show you exactly who they are, the problem lies in not accepting that truth. If you are having the same hurt, over and again, hoping for a different result, it may be time to love yourself enough to move on. As you become your own hero and give yourself everything you need, you will effortlessly draw more of the same to yourself and start to enjoy far more fulfilling relationships. ~Archangel Gabriel

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